This portal is dedicated to smart tourism and everything related to it.

The 21st century with its technologies radically changes both the nature and methods of travel, and the travelers  themselves.

In this case, we believe that we should strive to ensure that for a comfortable trip, only a smartphone and Internet are enough

This is where we see our main mission.


In the “News” section you will find the latest news in the field of smart tourism, interviews with key figures of world tourism, information on new trends, destinations and innovations in tourism.

For Tourists

In this section we publish useful information for travelers. There are descriptions of smart tourism technologies, practical tips on their use, a list of mobile applications necessary for travel, and an overview of popular travel blogs.

For Organisations

We are engaged in the production of audio guides for museums and city tours. We also provide consulting services, audits and trainings in the field of Internet marketing for DMOs, travel businesses and museums.

Smart tourism is simply the process of getting touristic services online in any language all over the world. The aim of the touristic organizations becomes to make their services accessible and easy to use.

Topical Articles

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