Lesson 24

Free Internet Traffic in Tourism

Today’s lesson is about site traffic.

Site traffic is the number of visitors who have come to a web resource in a given time.

In other words, it is the number of visits to your site for a certain period. For example, if your site is visited by 100 people per day, then the traffic is 100.

Depending on how people visit or find your site, traffic can be divided into 2 large groups – paid and free.

In this tutorial, we will talk about free traffic. You can get free traffic from different sources. Free traffic is also called organic.

Organic traffic is determined by the number of people who found you on Google search engine without any advertising.

To get high organic traffic, you need to make an effort to ensure that your site and the information on it are well found by search engines. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can read more about SEO here.

Direct visits are when people, having received your business card, or having memorized the name of your site, type its address in the address bar of the browser or in the search engine.

There may also be free traffic to your site through links on other sites, for example from reference sites, maps or recommendation systems.

Free traffic includes clicks on the QR code with your site address. For example, a museum can print a QR code and hang it near the entrance. Using their smartphones, visitors will scan it and go to the museum’s site.

There may also be free traffic from social networks, which is also called organic.

When you publish a post on a social network with a link to the site, interested readers click on the link and go to the site. But at the same time, you do not specifically promote the post. The number of subscribers who see your post for free is called organic reach, but at this time, organic reach on all social networks rarely reaches even 10%. That is, if you have 1000 subscribers, you publish a post and do not promote it using paid methods; then no more than 100 people will see it.

In addition, free traffic can be received from mail or WhatsApp mailings.

But this method is dangerous because if you do it too often, you can turn into spammers and all your messages will end up being sent to the trash can. And if someone complains, your account may be blocked.

Now there are so many different mailings from online stores, news resources, online courses, etc. that people are tired of it, so this method requires very careful use.

Basically it’s all about organic free traffic sources.

In the next tutorial, we’ll talk about paid traffic.