Lesson 23

Mobile Version of the Site

The share of mobile devices already prevails over others, so in order not to lose customers, every site needs a mobile version.

Modern site builders allow you to make sites responsive, which mean they display correctly on mobile devices.

To check if the site is mobile friendly, just open it on your smartphone. Check the readability of fonts, fit to screen width, navigation, menus, etc. Check usability and accessibility of all information.

These checks are called UX and UI.

UX is User Experience – that is, what impressions and information the user will receive from interacting with your site, how much the information is understandable.

UI is User Interface. That is, how structurally and clearly the menu and navigation is made; whether the buttons are located correctly; whether the user will get to all the necessary pages and how quickly; whether the user can read everything; etc.

All of these are united by the concept of Usability.

Google recommendations on this topic.

Loading speed for mobile sites is checked separately by this link.

In the tourism sector, it is especially important to have a mobile version of the site, since most tourists use mobile devices while traveling to access the Internet. To offer their products online, companies, travel agencies, museums should prepare their content and sites in a way that anyone could get acquainted with all the information through a smartphone without any issues.

The absence of a mobile version of the site will lead to the loss of at least half of the customers, as well as to a decrease in the search position, because the search engines give sites with adaptive versions higher in the list. There is even a special policy in Google – mobile first, that is, sites with responsive versions are shown in the search first.

And the number of people, who will visit your site and, possibly, become your clients and visitors, depends on the search results.

In general, mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of the total Internet traffic, and if you do not make an adaptive version of the site, you can lose most of the customers who just will not find your site.