Mobile Tecnologies

Internet While Traveling

For smart tourists, it is very important to always be online, because online maps, tickets, and communication with other tourists are not available without the Internet. This is also important for DMOs and tourism organizations, because if tourists are online, they can share their impressions on social networks, broadcast live, and generally create the so-called …

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Google Translate

In order to understand an unfamiliar language, speak it, read signs and menus, navigate foreign websites, it is not necessary to learn the language, hire a translator or buy dictionaries. Nowadays, a smartphone or tablet with installed Google Translator is enough to solve a language problem. To date, this application supports 108 languages ​​and provides …

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Google Maps

Geographic maps have been one of the most basic travel documents since time immemorial. In ancient times, even dangerous expeditions were made to draw up accurate maps. And even in our time, it is far from uncommon to meet a tourist with a huge expanded map. However, the development of information technology, space exploration and …

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