Technologies for Business

Website Builders

For full-fledged work on the Internet, any enterprise needs a literal “web site”. For companies dealing with tourists, having a website is more important than for other businesses, because this is the only way to contact a potential client who is at the stage of selection. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that there are special …

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Website Checking

Loading speed According to various studies, website loading speed is one of the main parameters that affects user behavior, and therefore the website position in the search. Indeed, according to Google research, 53% of users will not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load. Nowadays, a website loading speed of 0.4 seconds …

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Web Analytics

In order to understand how many visitors and when they visit your website, how many pages they read, where they come from, how many orders they make, and to have more or less complete information about your website and its interaction with users, there are web analytics services. In our opinion, due to the fact …

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